Major Dick Winters Vs. Hershey: Beyond Band Of Brothers

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Major Dick Winters is known for many feats and accomplishments, but one of his biggest accomplishments was participating in World War II and leaving an impact on everyone that he encountered during his time in the army. Richard Dick Winters was born in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania on January 21, 1918 to his parents Richard and Edith Winters. As a child and throughout his life Winters prefered to be called Dick, and was raised in the county where he was born. In his war memoirs, Beyond Band of Brothers, Winters explains several of his childhood heroes such as Milton S. Hershey, whom he idolized for his kindness. This quote shows why Winters believed Hershey was a hero, “He was not only a shrewd and determined businessman… Hershey believed wealth should be used for the benefit of others”(Winters, 5) this appreciation that Winters showed for Hershey’s kindness also shows that Winters idolized people that had high morals. Winters choice of heroes and why he…show more content…
Winters did this until he retired and met Stephen Ambrose the author of the book Band of Brothers which brought Easy Company into the spotlight. After the book was published it gained massive popularity, and sparked the creation of the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers which was a collaboration between Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg. Band of Brothers received a lot of attention and was recognized at many award ceremonies such as the Golden Globes; where they received nominations for several awards, and even won awards such as the best miniseries or motion picture made for tv as well as many other awards. The success of the HBO miniseries prompted Winters to write war memoirs to allow readers to know more about him and his experiences, as well as to recognize many of the men from Easy
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