Major Economic Characteristics Of An American Economy Research Paper

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The major economic characteristics of American life during the years 1800-1877 included the market revolution, the industrial revolution, and how plantations contributed to the economy. After 1815 there were great strides in the transportation and manufacturing industries. The industrial revolution provided agriculture, mechanization, and the railroad. Plantations contributed to a majority of the South’s economy which benefited them greatly. “Before 1815, transportation in the United States was slow and expensive; it cost as much to ship a crate over thirty miles of domestic roads as it did to send it across the Atlantic Ocean.” (Roark 297) During the years 1815-1840, the speed between roads, canals, and railroads was drastically raised…show more content…
With this land, they would be able to spend less time cleaning the land and more time growing crops at a faster rate. Improvements to machines for farming also improved, “in 1837, John Deere made a strong, smooth steel plow that sliced through prairie soil so cleanly that farmers called it the “singing plow.” (Roark 329) Agriculture wasn’t the only thing that contributed to the industrial revolution. Manufacturing and mechanization brought it a big portion of the economy. “Mechanization allowed manufacturers to produce more with less labor.” (Roark 329) Factories were able to produce twice as much of the product using fewer people and saving more time. American manufacturing focused more producing for the domestic rather than try to export their goods. Railroads paved a new way for the industrial revolution While during the market revolution brought new ways to travel by water. During the winter while the water was frozen and during the summer when it was too hot to have water, trains became the new go-to way to transport items. “Railroads gave cities not blessed with canals or navigable rivers a way to compete for rural trade.” (Roark 330) Railroads were bale to succeed more based on being able to serve not only farms but cities…show more content…
It was surprising for these new inventions that were created could have a huge impact on the economy. The market revolution was able to improve transportation and pave more opportunities in making more money at an easier pace. With the ways of transportation, the industrial revolution took off creating a booming economy that included agriculture as well as mechanization. With the inventions of new modern machines, people were able to produce more product with less help, which resulted in a bigger profit in the end. Cotton was able to become the major cash crop, because of the new invention of the Cotton Gin, cotton was easier to grow and many people began to jump on the bandwagon and either grow it themselves or use their slaves because it was such an easy and fast way to make more
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