Major Effects Of Major Depressive Disorder

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Young adulthood, is defined here as the ages of 18 to 29, this is a time of great change for many people in this age range. There has been greater risk associated with mental health and higher levels of social stress during this time. Many people experience depression like symptoms their first year of college. Sadly, most college students are getting the help they need. They may not nowhere to get help or that the treatment won’t help. Others don’t get help for it because they think it’s just the stress that comes along with college work and life. Major Depressive Disorder is characterized as having a depressed mood for the vast majority of the day and a loss of interest and pleasure, among different symptoms almost every day for at least a two week long period. In children and teenagers, major depressive disorder may manifest as an irritable rather than a sad mood. Suicidal thoughts or suicidal plans can occur during an episode during depression, which requires immediate attention. Major depression disorder is thought to have many possible causes, including genetic, biological, and environmental factors. Dangerous childhood experiences and stressful life experiences are known to contribute to the risk for major depression disorder. Those with closely related family members such as; parents, brothers, or sisters who have been diagnosed are at an increased risk. Diagnosis for major depression disorder requires symptoms of depressed mood(s) such as; feelings of sadness,…
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