Major Environmental Issues Facing Zimbabwe

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Major Environmental Issues facing Zimbabwe Zimbabwe is the second most industrialized country in SADC, after South Africa. Industries are concentrated around Harare, with ore smelters located close to the ore sources (principally along the Great Dyke). A combination of vehicle emissions, dust and smoke from domestic fires is a potential air quality concern in larger cities such as Harare. Water is not generally abundant, and the maintenance of water quality is a serious issue. Biodiversity preservation Zimbabwe has a rich biotic heritage and is highly dependent on tourism. It has a long history of biodiversity preservation, through the national parks, forest reserves and innovative community-based sustainable-use schemes such as…show more content…
To encourage and assist all people of Zimbabwe to understand the importance of wildlife and the environment and to conserve Zimbabwe’s natural resources for the well being of current and future generations and to ensure that the utilization of these natural resources is fair and sustainable. But Zimbabwe is confronted by critical environmental and ecological problems. This has resulted in environmental degradation, declining population of endangered species, destruction of indigenous forest and wildlife habitats, soil erosion, pollution in all its forms, and ruthless exploitation of our natural resources for short-term profit. Partnership for Environmental Law Education is another strategy that’s s working to help prepare for a more sustainable future. Over the past three years, the Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association in collaboration with Environment Africa and the Environmental Management Agency entered into partnership to educate rural and urban communities about their environmental rights and duties. Rural district councils, grassroots organizations, environmental actions groups, traditional leaders and government departments were among the groups that were trained. The partnership is driven by the need to address the main impediments to environmental justice,
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