Major Environmental Problems in the North Eastern India: Possible Legal and Non-Legal Solutions

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The North-Eastern India is the land of rising sun in the sub-continent. Assam and other seven sisters including Sikkim consist the whole landmass of the North-Eastern India. The green belt of India, so called land of forest and tribals, the entire north-east region is rich in its natural resources-oil, natural gas, minerals and most importantly valuable forests. The worlds largest river Island 'Majuli' is situated in the heart of the river Brahmaputra. The Kaziranga National Park in the Jorhat district of Assam is the home for the world famous one-homed rhinoceros. The place of highest rainfall in the world "Mousimam" is situated in
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The degradation of environment associated with open cast mining observed in Upper Assam areas can be summarised as follows:

1. Destruction of high hillocks.
2. Creation of big ponds in place of high hillocks.
3. Destruction of vegetations and trees.
4. Destruction of top soil of excavated areas.
5. Soil erosion during rainy season in particular.
6. Raising of paddy fields surface.
7. Creation of ugly landscape.
8. Spreading out the undesirable debris from the mine to the nearby areas, rivers, stream etc.
9. Closing/stopping of flow of natural streams in the mining areas.
10. Damaging nearby agricultural fields by undesirable debris.
11. Discharge of acidic mine effluent into the nearby water courses, land etc. at the initiative the Government of Assam and Pollution Control Board the industry has undertaken several environmental protection measures at the open cast mining areas in Upper Assam.

Due to this, damage to the agricultural fields, water courses natural drains etc. has reduced to great extent and action has already been taken by the industry to recover the degraded area. They also commissioned an effluent treatment plant to treat their effluent in one of their mines. Measures have already been taken to set up Effluent Treatment Plant at their other mines.

b. Crude Oil Exploration: Two major sector industries are extracting crude oil in

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