Major Events that Effected the Growth of the Economy Essay

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Major Events that Effected the Growth of the Economy

In years after the conclusion of World War II the worlds economy had to build itself up and get itself back on its feet. Through destruction and financial stress the world as a hole would eventually build itself back up and thrive through hard work and a steady sense of nationalism to be the very best. The second World War wiped out Europe’s economic base as well as their self confidence in their ability to defend themselves effectively. Right after the war was over there were different avenues of cooperation by the putting together of different organizations such as the OEEC (Organization for European Economic Cooperation) in 1948 to distribute Marshal Aid; and in 1960 the
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Many reformers wanted more competition between industries and incentives for workers. Gorbachev introduced his reform of perestroika, or economic liberalization, in 1985, but reformers still were not happy.
Citizens of Eastern Europe responded to economic and political problems by acting against the Communist dictatorships. In Poland, an independent trade union was formed, named Solidarity. Solidarity and its leader, Lech Walesa, demanded free elections and a role in government. In 1989, Solidarity won in an open election and Communist rule ended in Poland. This peaceful, or “velvet,” revolution influenced other countries to act against the government. In Hungary, reform movements such as forming opposition parties turned into revolution. Peaceful demonstrations calling for the Communist dictatorships in East Germany, Czechoslovakia, and Bulgaria led to revolution. Romania was the only country that had a violent revolution. (The Ordeal of Total War: 1939-1945 , GORDON WRIGHT p. 45)
The relationship between Japan and Europe has changed dramatically over the last 50 years. The relationship between Japan and Europe are at what could be described as the single biggest turning point in post war history. In the past the relationship has been solely an economic one, characterized by trade frictions and discord. The concept of the US-Europe-Japan three-way relationship being linked, with the Europe-Japan link being much weaker than the other two is

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