Major Factors that Led to the Enactment of Clinical Establishment Act

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As a fact the for-profit private sector accounts for a considerable proportion of health care in India i.e50% of inpatient care and 60-70% of outpatient care, but till the enactment of the Act received relatively less attention from the policy makers. Thus the private sector health care delivery system in India has remained largely fragmented and hysterical, and there is a clear evidence of grave quality of care deficiencies in many practices. Difficulties range from inadequate and inappropriate treatments, excessive use of higher technologies, and wasting of scarce resources, to serious problems of malpractice and negligence. Current policies and processes for health care were pitiful or not responsive to ensure health care services of acceptable quality and prevent negligence.

There was a need to establish bodies and systems to monitor clinical and non-clinical efficiency of the services offered in the public and private facilities. In India concerns about how to improve health care quality have been frequently raised by the general public and a wide variety of stakeholders, including government, professional associations, private providers and agencies financing health care. There also have been attempts to establish systems and process that would ensure quality of care by the health providers.
The best mechanism for curbing the malpractices is legislation or imposition of legal restrictions or

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