Major Features Of Modern Society

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Topic B: New Diseases There are currently many features of modern society that increase ours risk for the development and spread of new infectious diseases, these include such diseases as lymes Disease, West Nile Virus, Staph. Aures (MRSA) and many other new and remerging infectious diseases. In modern society the main issues that are faced include such things as the density of the population, the increased resistance to current antibiotics and antibacterial agent, changing biodiversity, climate change, increase in the speed and efficacy of travel. Population Density The increasing density of a population can have a great effect on the spread of diseases such as infectious pathogens, this includes such things as the density of a…show more content…
Due to scaling back of research into new types of antibiotics there is now the potential of outbreaks of diseases that there is no current drug that would be effective, the rate at which bacteria can adapt is an ongoing in the development of new treatment for disease (Spellberg et al., 2008, Cohen, 2000). An example of this emerging resistance is with the common streptococcus pneumoniane virus, a common source of acquired pneumonia and meningitis in children and the ealdry, has now been should in 40% strains are now resistant to current treatment (Cassell and Mekalanos, 2001). These emerging viruses that are now becoming resistance to treatment is going to be a major challenge to the human populations moving forward. Bio-diversity of animal and microbial The decrease in biodiversity the instance of infection of human from a wildlife have increased, this can be from both direct infection such as a bite, as discussed by Wolfe et al or an indirect cause, infection from an insect or that may have been previously controlled by an animal that 's in now in decline or no extinct. (Wolfe et al., 2007) This increase in potently for infection isn’t just limited to insect population the decrease in microbial diversity due to the over use of antibacterial agent, this over use is tipping the balance of bacteria where some bacteria would have been crowded out are now thriving due to the lack of competing
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