Major Health And Mental Health Issues

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Outline the major health and mental health issues for Indigenous people in Australia. Has this changed over the last 15 years? What are the challenges for social work practice with Indigenous people in the Australian Context? What facilitates collaboration and efficacy in service provision? Outline how you might approach working with a client facing a specific health issue. Introduction: Indigenous community represent members of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders who existed in Australia prior to European colonisation. Aboriginal culture is one of the oldest surviving cultures in the world. Colonisation, legislation and stolen generation has played a major role in the health and mental health of people in indigenous community ( reference gbrich). Some of the problems continue to exist today which is a concern. The major health issues for indigenous people in Australia are Life expectancy, mortality, and morbidity and health risks. I would argue that despite measures and initiatives by government, the health of indigenous people is still at higher risk as comparing to the non-indigenous population. There are a lot of challenges for social work practice in indigenous community and it demands a holistic approach of working by social workers. Issue Argument Outline 1. Health and Mental Health Issues for Indigenous Australians Chronic Illnesses and Infectious diseases are very prevalent in the Indigenous communities. Socio-economic disadvantage, environmental and
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