Major Health Insurance in the United States: The Obamacare Essay

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Many people in the United States at some point in their life pay for health insurance or health care. Usually the people who pay for health insurance is either retired from work or are in their primes with children to care for. There are many other kinds of health care associations in the U.S., but there’s a major health insurance cooperation in today’s society that is causing problems in America’s economy and causing major drops in unemployment rates everywhere in the U.S., named after the 44th president of the United States of America, President Barack Obama, Obamacare is a type of health care system that is outrageously expensive and money consuming, putting Americans into serious debt. It had once been seen as a plan to help Americans…show more content…
(AEI) “Many of the multiple new Obamacare sign-ups are self-sufficient people who were previously paying their own way and now receive government subsidies for insurance”. (AEI) “Opposition to the law then sparked a popular movement that resulted in one of the greatest congressional election turnovers in American history along with many local businesses closing down due to budget cuts and high unpaid debts”. (Chabad) Many people lose their jobs due to the effects of Obamacare, dropping the unemployment rates by 6.3% last month. Obamacare has been causing businesses to go bankrupt because of the enrollment taxes and overwhelming debts; this is another reason why families go broke, because they lose their jobs and can’t find others to replace their previous ones in our overcrowded communities, it’s outrageous that this is happening to so many families daily, it’s because when they lose everything, they lose what matters most in their life, hope.
“It was going to be estimated that Obamacare will raise its taxes by a total of $813 billion over a matter of 10 years with over 12 taxes to pay, equivalent to over $200,000 a year for typical American taxpayers”. (Perry House) “Obamacare determines what kind of coverage you get from the government, but some aren't covered at all”. (KHN), “new data has found that in 2012 some of the U.S.’ 31.7 million Americans weren’t
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