Major Industries in Kanpur, India

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A major industrial hub in the region, Kanpur is the economic capital of the state of Uttar Pradesh. The city which was known as Manchester of the East during the British rule produces 15 percent of share of India’s leather produce. The city besides leather products produces products of distinct niche segments including cotton, hosiery, paint and allied sector among others.
Major Industrial Areas in Kanpur
The city has ten industrial clusters which are spread throughout Kanpur. The industrial areas in Kanpur include Kalpi Road, Uptron Estate Panki, Panki Site-I, Panki Site –II, Panki Site –III, Panki Site-IV, Panki Site-V, Dada Nagar, Rooma and Chakeri.
As per statistics released by District Industrial Corporation, Kanpur the city has over 17444 registered industrial units.
Major Industries in Kanpur
Kanpur has industries of various magnitude and distinct types. Major industrial categories in Kanpur include agro based industries, cotton textile units, Jute based industries, paper and leather based industries, mineral, metal and furniture industries among other.
Industries worth over Rs 100 Crore Kanpur is home to some major industries which have turnover over Rs 100 Crore. All of these are located in Panki industrial area, Kanpur. M/s Lohia Starlinger Ltd, M/s Kanpur Fertilizer and Cement Ltd and M/s LML Ltd are the major industries dealing in machine and tool manufacturing and fertilizer and chemicals in Panki industrial area.
Industrial Clusters in Kanpur
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