Major Influences Shaping Theatre Practice Today

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What are the major influences shaping theatre practice today? Throughout theatre history performances have changed to become more than the mere spectacles for audience to go and mindlessly observe, there have been many different factors effecting this change either through environmental, political or economic circumstances which has resulted in theatre becoming more meaningful whilst providing a wide range of genres. However in this essay I will be discussing the importance of feminism in modern theatre through the beginning and height of modernism, and how waves of feminism have influenced theatre today.
In 1880 the beginning of modernism started, the approach was to start questioning society. Dramatists, practitioners and directors saw the theatre as an opportunity to then “abandoned realism to constitute separate aesthetic realms through which they could transcend the problems of modern life” by doing this it made the audience start to see the problems characters faced on stage and compare them to their personal lives instead of reverting to going to see a performance for escapism. There are many different generations of modernism the first being 1880 succeeding until 1910 in which featured practitioners such as Henrik Ibsen and Anton Chekov. Comparing plays such as ‘The Seagull’ 1896 by Chekov and ‘Ghosts’ 1881 by Ibsen with the previous classics such as Shakespeare, demonstrates they were in a whole new world of theatre taking the basics and transforming them into
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