Major Issues Of African Nations

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Three Major Issues in Africa
The African nations are facing the severe problems in the food and health issues. The health issues were the main concern of these nations. The issues are increasing day-by-day and the people are dying from these diseases and causes. These things like Ebola, HIV AIDS, etc have attracted the world’s focus on the African nations. The help is coming from around the world for these countries in terms of food and money both. The health issues which these countries were facing for so many years were HIV AIDS, TB, and now the latest epidemic disease of Ebola which is also making a sever issue for the Saharan countries. (KOUTONIN, 2013)
The issues are so diverse and large that is affecting the lives of the people of
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Most of these nations were unable to fight solely against this epidemic disease and has not provided proper care to its nationals and failed in stopping the mass effect of this disease. (KOUTONIN, 2013)
There are so many people, which are directly affected by this disease, and have died from Ebola. The fatality rate of the Ebola virus is very much high causing huge health issues or challenges in form of economic and social consequences. (Shah, 2009)
a. Origin of Virus
According to the studies conducted by the (CDC) Centre for Disease Control in United States, The infection came from animal bite i.e. bat in human beings. As this virus spreads from human to human very quickly. The drugs of the virus have been still evolving over the period as the virus is getting stronger day-by-day. The poor countries of African continent have less investment, which have caused the virus to spread at a very high rate. (Mutawakilu, 2013)
b. Handling of Ebola
The countries of the west are helping the Saharan countries to fight against this deadliest virus. The basic aspect is the isolation of the Ebola infected person. The most of the African countries are poor so they had limited chances for counterfeiting this virus. These countries are lacking the skill staff, appropriate facilities and basic devices to counter the virus and its deadliest effects. The countries are still trying to fight the virus as they have lost so many people
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