Major Issues Of African Nations

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Three Major Issues in Africa The African nations are facing the severe problems in the food and health issues. The health issues were the main concern of these nations. The issues are increasing day-by-day and the people are dying from these diseases and causes. These things like Ebola, HIV AIDS, etc have attracted the world’s focus on the African nations. The help is coming from around the world for these countries in terms of food and money both. The health issues which these countries were facing for so many years were HIV AIDS, TB, and now the latest epidemic disease of Ebola which is also making a sever issue for the Saharan countries. (KOUTONIN, 2013) The issues are so diverse and large that is affecting the lives of the people of these countries. Whereas from across all these problems or disease or issues the major three issues are addressed as under which are mostly affecting the nations and which these nations are still fighting with it. (Whitehead, 2013) 1. Ebola in West African Nations As the African Nations have always been victims of so many diseases and issues due to scarcity of the resources and finance. These countries are even unsuccessful to fight for their hunger and health issues or problems, which its people have been facing for so many years like drought conditions, no food, no water, etc. The Ebola epidemic was defined as the most severe and intense disease outbreak in the history of African nations. The Ebola epidemic started at the end of 2013 from
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