Major League Baseball First Year Player Draft

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He stands alone at the center of the field, tall, lanky, and stoic, commanding the tempo of the game in a seemingly effortless fashion, handling each batter in stride as they take their shot at the plate. Years of extensive and monotonous training and experience have led to the culmination of Tyler Peyton’s successful career thus far. As “Iowa 's first All-American by two outlets since 1990, he was selected in the 33rd round of the 2015 Major League Baseball First-Year Player Draft by the Cincinnati Reds with the 985th pick” (Iowa Baseball). Focus, training, commitment, and shear athletic ability are all qualities required to master the art of pitching a baseball. Coordinating every aspect of one’s body to perform one fluid motion and…show more content…
The power stroke is responsible for the contraction of the muscle and force generation. ATP binding to the myosin head detaches the myosin head from the actin filament and allows the cycle to repeat. The coordinated contraction and relaxation of many muscles in an antagonistic fashion is the basis for the kinematics of any movement. There are many muscle groups at play in the smooth, fluid motion of pitching. Muscles in the shoulder, arm, back, and legs are all required to deliver a pitch. Pectoralis major, Subscapularis, Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Teres minor and Latissimus dorsi are all used to generate arm speed and increase pitch velocity (NCBI). However, the kinematic chain requires more than just these muscles to transfer the velocity to the ball. “Most people think pitching is all in the arm, but having a solid base is crucial to commanding pitches,” says Peyton. “Strength and conditioning for my legs and back are a really important part of my training; it helps me get a good foundation.” Legs and core are essential to generating velocity and maintaining stability throughout the pitching motion. The windup: Peyton slowly draws his front leg to balance his center of gravity over his back leg. The balance point: everything stops, just for a moment, right before he unleashes his formidable 90 mph fastball, and then he
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