Major Life Events As Well As Gaps Or Discrepancies From The Historical Record

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1. Basic biographical sketch, from life to death, including notable anecdotes, major life events as well as gaps or discrepancies in the historical record

Eduard Kynaston

Eduard “Ned” Kynaston achieved fame as the last of the boy-actors portraying women on the stage. Kynaston was so great even, that not only was he highly regarded as one of the greatest boy-actor of the time, but eventually became a standard by which all actresses succeeding him were judged against. Many people doubted that any other performer could ever live up to Kynaston’s skill as a female impersonator.

It is unknown exactly when Ned was born, however it was in the year 1640, and he died in January of 1712. Ned didn’t achieve fame until his early twenties when he began appearing in many plays as women from 1660 and eventually in male roles as well until he retired in 1699 due to memory loss. Kynaston 's last female role was as as Evadne in Beaumont and Fletcher 's The Maid 's Tragedy in 1661 with Thomas Killigrew 's King 's Company. He then continued to remain a successful actor for many years, particularly known for his portrayal of Shakespeare’s Henry IV.

Kynaston led a lavish and entertaining life, known for his portrayal of women both on and offstage, generating rumors and gossip about his sexuality, including an affair in his thirties with the 2nd Duke of Buckingham, George Villiers. Despite his affairs with men, Ned eventually married and fathered six children, confirming popular belief that…
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