Major Luston Short Story

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Major Luxon arrived, leading the Marines from the front; it was impressive to the Rowland family to see the Marine Commander on the road with his men. Major Luxon met with Mr. and Mrs. Luxon for about an hour. Mr. Rowland then asked the Major to follow him. Major Luxon shrugged and thought, why not? The two men headed out to one of the many barns on the property. Mr. Rowland swung open one of the doors, “You think this will help you?” Mr. Rowland asked Major Luxon. The barn was filled from top to bottom with wheat and corn. “We had a bumper crop this year and it seems to be all going to waste,” Mr. Rowland told the Major. “I’m not the one to make the decision Mr. Rowland; you would need to speak to Captain O’Hara the base commander. I’m sure he’ be more than happy to take it. With that said, why not…show more content…
As for the robbers the civilian security forces will be following along. In the meantime the NSWS will be taken on security for the area,” Major Luxon responded. “What’s the NSWS?” Mr. Rowland asked. “Naval Special Weapons Sailors. We Marines took a bunch of them and trained them up like they were Marines. Once we had the first couple of classes trained and we evaluated them, they took over the training. They’ve got two Battalions of them now; see that down the road there?” Major Luxon pointed to the dust trail that had been getting closer and closer. “Yes sir I see that,” Mr. Rowland exclaimed. “That would be First Battalion Naval Special Weapons coming for a visit, and tomorrow Second Battalion will be arriving.” “Why so many?” “We’ve been ordered by Captain O’Hara to expand our perimeters out; we need farm animals and horses for plowing,” Major Luxon eyed Mr. Rowland hoping he would see where he was going with this conversation. “Doesn’t Oceana have its own stables?” “Yes sir it does and we’re using what we can now, but the horses are also being used for transportation by
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