Major Milestones In Infancy And Early Childhood

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Human growth and development especially in infancy and early childhood are very important as those are the fundamental stages of development and if it is not done right it will affect the individual until childhood. The researcher will critically analyze the major milestones that take place in Infancy and Early childhood, looking at Physical, Cognitive, Personality and social development. It is very important for a parent to understand the developments that take place during these vital stages of life and what they can do to enable their children negotiate each stage well.

Physical development
According to (Da Louw, 1998) this includes general physical, motor and perceptual developments. So the researcher will look briefly into the three elements.
General physical development
(Da louw, 1998) believes that an infant’s head grows at a slower rate than any other part of the body and their facial structures especially their jaws become larger compared to the head. Also their arms and legs grow by 60 to 75% while the upper part of the body increases by 40%. Bigner (1983) also says that growth changes in weight are faster
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In emotions the major milestone is for the child to be able to acquire emotional control for the benefit of their social development. In the self concept according to Brownell and Carriger (1990) believe that the ability to differentiate self from others comes about with the ability to be able to settle disputes, solve simple problems and playing games. Gender development as stated by Sigelman and Shaffer (1995) is a critical milestone as this is where the child is able to know themselves as female or male and this happens for most children between ages two and a half and three
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