Major Perspectives in Industrial Relations

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This essay focuses on the three dominant perspectives in industrial relations. These perspectives are unitary perspective, pluralist perspective and Marxist perspective as Dzimbiri (2008) suggests. The essay discusses each perspective in detail and further analyzes the one which provide an explanation of the employment relations in the modern work organizations. Having done that the essay finally gives a conclusion. It has to be mentioned that in the beginning, the essay starts by defining the term ‘Industrial Relations’.
According to Kochan in Dzimbiri (2008) Industrial Relations is defined as “all aspects of people at work as individuals and groups, organized or unorganized, the behavior of employer and
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For example, the goals and objectives of the organization are most likely to be different to that of employees. In support of Dzimbiri’s views is Fox in Armstrong (2006:758) who contend that “the pluralist view an industrial organization as a plural society, containing many related but separate interests and objectives which must be maintained in some kind of equilibrium.” Fox in Blyton and Turbull (2004:31) argues further that organizations are viewed as a miniature of democratic state composed of sectional groups with divergent interests over which the government tries to maintain some kind of dynamic equilibrium. The predominant sub-groups in the pluralist perspective are the management representing the organization and trade unions that represents the interests of employees. The pluralist perspective considers that organizations and employees have multiple interests which have to be fulfilled through trust.
The pluralist perspective views conflict as unavoidable in an organization. Dubin in Dzimbiri (2008:03) argues that “industrial conflict is inevitable in modern organizations and that this conflict can be disruptive if left uncontrolled.” In pluralist perspective conflict does not matter but rather how the conflict is handled or resolved so that it does not generate into chaos leading to decline in performance or

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