Major Problems

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Indicate 2 serious problems that need to be tackled if school libraries are to be the powerhouses of schools.


This 2 year course has made me more aware of how powerful high performing school libraries and Schools Library Service can be in raising students’ literacy levels and improving their access to knowledge. This link also suggests that if school libraries do
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It is possible that due to this lack of collaboration, the school library is not fulfilling its potential role as a result of the failure to integrate its activities within the schools plans for teaching and learning.

Schools must adopt the educational philosophy that the library plan is fully integrated into the educational program. This integration strengthens the teaching/learning process so that students can develop the vital skills necessary to locate, analyse, evaluate, interpret, and communicate information and ideas. When the library is fully integrated into the instructional program of the school: • Students, teachers and librarians become partners in learning • The library is an extension of the classroom. • Information skills are taught and learned within the context of the classroom curriculum. • The wide range of resources, technologies and services needed to meet students learning and information needs are readily available in a cost-effective manner.

Better Funding

The school library is essential to every long-term strategy for literacy, education, information provision and economic, social and cultural development. As the responsibility of local, regional and national authorities, it must be supported by specific legislation and policies. School Libraries

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