Major Problems That Contribute to the Dilemma of War Facing the World

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Introduction Today's world is marred by the constant threat of danger and violence. Solutions to this seemingly unjust situation are hard to find and when presented, often fall dramatically short of any practical value. It may be wise to find a new approaches to managing war and terrorism due to a seemingly non-progressive status on its current understanding. The purpose of this essay is to present a solutions based argument that is designed to address the solutions to violence and seek and ending to war and terrorism in a productive and effective manner. The essay will present a simple three stepped plan the will address the major problems that contribute to this dilemma the entire world is experiencing. The first step of the plan will deal with gathering and understanding the language and verbiage that is being used to describe the problems associated with terrorism. The next step of the plan will explain how a proper analysis of the newly defined terminology must be demonstrated to logically and rationally devise more specific solutions to a very general problem. The last section of the plan will discuss practical systems that can successfully communicate the chosen strategic approaches that were developed in the previous two steps. The essay essentially suggests that the warfare and violence must be viewed in new manner in order to transcend and learn from humanity's past failures. Step 1: Defining words and establishing real boundaries. Most effective communication

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