Major Problems in American History: to 1877 Essay

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Major Problems in American History Volume I: to 1877; 3rd ed.
Chapter 2: The Southern Colonies in British America
* April 26, 1907 – group of ships bearing 128 men sailed into the Chesapeake Bay; began the settlement of Jamestown --►first successful plantation in the Americas * English had attempted to establish colonies in locations as varied as present-day Maine and Virginia --►but all had failed * Colony’s early years were horrific * Colonists were more interested in finding precious metals than feeding themselves * They encountered a variety of new diseases in the swampland in Jamestown * Many were gentlemen who felt it below their stations to clear fields or build stockades (barriers) *
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Document 2 – Indentured Servant Richard Frethorne Laments His Condition in Virginia, 1623 * Document 2 indicates life of an English indentured servant could be difficult. In this letter to his parents, Richard Frethorne recounts the trials of the living in the 17th century Virginia and pleads to return to England. * Like many young men hoping for new opportunities in the colonies, Richard Frethorne agreed to work

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