Major Reasons For Absenteeism

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Success of a company depends on its ability to maximize wealth. Wealth maximization can be assured by increasing productivity of employees and reducing employee’s absenteeism. In the given case, the company in Dubai is facing problem for absenteeism of highly skilled engineers. Reasons behind Absenteeism There are various reasons behind absenteeism which include: Monotony and stress Lack of work-life balance Lack of commitment Sickness Injuries Job searching Bullying and harassment The main reason of absenteeism among employees in Dubai is monotony from routine job and lack of variation in job duty. Motivation along with creative job design can play great role in this case to increase productivity and to reduce absenteeism among the employees.Different motivation theories have been developed till today…show more content…
So those needs must be fulfilled before the other needs. When the lower level needs are fulfilled, higher level needs arise. The hierarchy of needs has certain limitations. It has lack of effective application in different cultural contexts. Some cultures may value social needs over psychological and safety needs. In our given company, the highly skilled engineers feel monotony of routine work. They don’t have desire for higher salary or other financial reward. Rather they require the opportunity to show their creativity which belongs to self-actualization need. Here, the theory helps to recognize the level of needs of employees and thus canhelp the managers to direct their organization’s behavior towards employees. Now to realize management’s role in increasing productivity and reducing absenteeism, we have to focus on the motivation theories. Cognitive Evaluation Theory Cognitive evaluation theory suggests two motivators -intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic motivators: Motivators which come to a person from willingness to perform a task or e.g. competence,
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