Major Sociological Perspectives

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Sociologists use one or more theoretical perspective approaches to make different assumptions about society three of the most common theoretical perspectives is the conflict, functionalist, and interactionist. Each one of these three major sociological perspectives have similarities and differences among each other.
The functionalist perspective believes that society is much like that of a biological organism that is unified and interdependent. Heber Spencer developed farther with the idea of functionalism by comparing it to a human body which is composed of many different parts and each parts functions with the other. Like the human body functionalism is a complex system that promotes stability if one part stops functioning other begin to fail as well (etext 6)
For example functionalist believe that society it's made up a number of interrelated parts such as religion, family and economy in which each performs a function that helps to maintain stability and equilibrium (etext). Functionalist also believe that these structures are needed and cannot function without them. In other
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(7). This theory was based on the works of sociologist Karl Marx, who believed power belonged to those with the most social, political or economical recourses. Conflict theory see conflict as good because it can lead to Conflict theories believe that a social problem has arisen when a group of people work together to overcome what they feel is a disadvantage when they are not receiving their sufficient share of resources (extext). Another similarities of conflict theory and functionalist perspective is that they both analyze the impact of how people influence society and how society influences
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