Major Steps in Plant Tissue Culture Essay examples

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The increasing in the world’s population nowadays has lead to the increase in the demand for food. It is being a priority for the crops and food industries to find a solution to this matter in order to produce high amount of food and provide good quality food for the consumers. This is where the technology of plant tissue culture steps in. As Lineberger (n.d) mentions, plant tissue culture can contributes to the agriculture industry in the future and give advantageous to the growers because the mass production of plant and crops can be produced in a short period of time using the tissue collected from single parent plant. He also include that the plant can be maintained and monitored in the regulated environment like greenhouse so that the…show more content…
Thus, size and source of the explants must take into consideration as well as the plant genotype (Smith, 2013). Smith has stated that smaller size explant is harder to culture compare to the larger explants where it contain enough nutrient and plant growth hormone to support its growth. He also added that plant material that is taken from the field is more contaminated compared to the plant material that taken from greenhouse. As mentioned by Beryl (2000), the media, explants, culture vessels and apparatus used should be maintained in sterilized condition to ensure an ideal medium for the culture to growth. The tissue is washed with the warm soapy water and rinse in tap water to remove surface contaminants. Tween 80 and Tween 20 can then be added to further sterilized the plant and then rinse three times with the sterilized distilled water (Daud, Jayaraman, & Mohamed, 2012). Ethyl and isopropyl alcohol also been used to surface sterilize the plant tissue (Bhojwani & Razdan, 1996). Autoclaving at 121°c with a pressure of 15psi for 15 min is used for sterilized the equipment such as scalpel, needle, forceps and the media (Beryl, 2000). The aseptic procedure should be carried in the Laminar flow hood with the high standard of air filtration (Street, 1973). According to Dodds and Roberts (1985), laminar flow hood is designed to direct a gentle flow of ultra filtered sterile air to minimizing the airborne contamination. Thus, a
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