Major Strategies For Family And Work Balance

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In the textbook, Family Life Now, the author, Kelly J. Welch, discusses the ten strategies for family and work balance. Obviously, sometimes the stressors in life and the struggles that work brings can definitely effect people and inhibit a relationship from being successful. According to a 2001 study examining “47 married couples who appear to successfully manage both spheres” (Welch, 409), the 10 major strategies to balance family and work are as follows: “Value Family, Strive for Partnership, Derive Meaning from Work, Maintain Work Boundaries, Be Focused and Productive at Work, Prioritize Family Fun, Take Pride in Dual Earning, Live Simply, Learn to Say “No”, and Value Time” (Welch, 410). Out of these ten strategies, I would like to focus on the seven that I think are the most beneficial and necessary to have in a balanced relationship.
The first strategy for family and work balance that I would like to focus on is the concept of “valuing family” time. I think that this is definitely one of the most important parts to having a balanced and successful family life. This strategy makes it a priority to plan time out of the day for family time and rituals that make your family unique. In the text, Welch states that, “Strong couples make stronger parents!” (Welch, 409), and I believe this is completely true. In order to be successful at parenting, you have to be successful at cooperating together first. This is where designated family rituals and routines can help. In my
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