Major Stressors in Teens Lives'

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Major Stressors In Teens’ Lives

What is stress actually and how do we determine who is stressed? Most of us describe stress as when everything became too much that we are overloaded and wonder if we can cope with the amount of pressure placed upon us. Stress actually is anything that poses challenge or a threat to our well-being is a stress. While most people took stress as something negative, it can also be a good thing as it gets you going in life – when there are problems which need to be solved as life would be dull, boring and pointless without any stress at all. However, stresses are bad when it undermines both our mental and physical health. In this text, I would like to focus on the major stressors in teens’ lives as we all know
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This may result in serious health problems such as anxiety, withdrawal symptoms, aggression, suicidal tendencies, physical illness, or even drug or alcohol abuse.” Hence, teenagers actually faces real stressful situation when they’re having problems which they aren’t able to handle the pressure and anxiety of these stresses.
In conclusion, teenagers especially in this modern age revolving technology, vast field of knowledge and touch-of-the-fingertips information access, faces a lot of stresses in all aspects of life. Instead of putting more pressure on them, those people around them should give them morale support and try helping them to handle and cope with their stress. Identifying the cause is the first step and from there teens can learn positive ways to release stress and find resolutions to their situations. A first step in controlling stress is identifying the good and bad stressors in their life as it helps in patronizing, learning stress techniques and in some cases getting help before the stress leads to physical or emotional harm. When stress overloads our life, we will feel it both physically and emotionally. These stresses may cause our body to shut down its clock which leads to sleeplessness while the charge of energy levels that will cause a decrease of wanting to get things done, and the pleasure part of the brain will shut down and cause

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