Major Themes In The Last Unicorn By Peter Beagle

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“The unicorn stood still at the edge of the forest and said aloud, ‘I am the only unicorn there is.’ They were the first words she had spoken, even to herself, in more than a hundred years.” The Last Unicorn is the story of a unicorn’s mystical quest to search for her people. Along her adventure she’s joined by companions, Schmendrick the magician and Molly Grue, who have their own wishes and desires. They hear of stories that King Haggard and the Red Bull drove them away, leading them to investigate at King Haggard’s castle. The author, Peter Beagle, incorporates a major theme in the story, wistfulness, because every character had something they strongly desired or regretted. This wistfulness becomes the basis for the characters actions…show more content…
I am human, and I love you...I will not love you when I am a unicorn...”[249]. Since she must fight the Red Bull, Lady Amalthea is changed to a unicorn. Seeing Prince Lír defend her, motivates her feeling of loss and rage to fight. “Suddenly the unicorn was an ugly, squawking wail of sorrow and loss and rage, such as no immortal creature ever gave.”[265]. All in all, Lady Amalthea becomes a small part of the unicorn and learns about a human’s feelings and mortality. Lady Amalthea’s lover, Prince Lír, was an adopted son of King Haggard. Determined, Prince Lír tries to gain Lady Amalthea’s affection through heroic deeds. Her affection is only won when Prince Lír comforts her by singing and saves her from her nightmares. This is where their relationship begins to grow. Moving forward in the story, when Lady Amalthea refuses to change back, Prince Lír tries to convince her to transform. He understands that her quest must be completed and in the process he would lose Lady Amalthea. “Quests may not simply be abandoned; prophecies may not be left to rot like unpicked fruit; unicorns may go unrescued for a very long time, but not forever. The happy ending cannot come in the middle of the story.”[251]. When the unicorn faces the Red Bull, his motivation of love for Lady Amalthea drives him to fight and protect her. “I became a hero to serve you, and all that is like you.”[252]. After the transformation she returns to

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