Major Theorist Paper: Sigmund Freud

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Major Theorist Paper: Sigmund Freud THE FOUNDATION What can I say about Sigmund Freud that has not been said before? Sigmund Freud is known as the “Founding Father of Psychoanalysis.” I have been reading a book about Sigmund Freud which seems quite interesting called, “Freud’s War with God” by Jack Wright, Jr., Ph.D. I will need to go over Sigmund Freud’s Life, the historical context, educational training, and review of major tenants of Sigmund Freud’s model. NATAL AND DEMISE Sigmund Freud was born in a small Moravian town of Freiberg in May 6, 1856. Sigmund Freud was born originally as Sigismund Schlomo Freud. He died of suicide in September 23, 1939 in London, England. Wright (1994) writes, “At the end of his life, ravaged by cancer,…show more content…
CHRONICLE Sigmund Freud born into a world of mystifying reality! Sigmund Freud was born a Jewish and living in a social disability environment where Jews could only study to become a physician or a lawyer. Sigmund Freud wanted to be an archeologist but was not able to pursue his aspiration, he studied medicine. Sigmund Freud received his medical degree in 1881 in University of Vienna. Sigmund Freud thought of himself as a scientist not a doctor. He was thirsty for money and was anxious foremost about being famous and becoming rich. Sigmund Freud was striving to understand the drive of human knowledge and experience going against a religion belief. I found this quote in Notable Quotes (n.d.), “Religion is an illusion and it derives its strength from the fact that it falls in with our instinctual desires” (Para. 4). Sigmund Freud was not a religious believer but a scientific person. Sigmund Freud would call himself “A Godless Jew.” Wright (1994) wrote, “From his youthful days as a ‘godless medical student’ until his suicide in 1939 at age eighty-three, he was an out-and-out atheist…” (pg.11). All of Sigmund Freud’s work was based in proving that God did not exist and our religious beliefs are just a fantasy disguising our true reality desires. The reason we as human beings felt guilt was because we would repressed

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