Major Types Of Emergencies Are The Following

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Major types of Emergencies are the following -evacuation -explosion and bomb alerts -external emergencies and natural disasters, such as: • explosion • fire • flood • hazardous chemical spill • storm • traffic accident -internal emergencies, such as: • loss of power • loss of water supply • structural collapse -security emergencies, such as: • armed robberies • intruders • disturbed persons -serious injury events. Examples of emergencies includes • Bomb threats and suspected devices • Death at the workplace or during a work activity • Death of staff not work related • Earthquake/ collapse of building • Electrical hazard • Explosion • Fire • Flood • Fumes/ chemical spill/ contamination by hazardous materials • Gas leak • Infectious diseases • Letter and parcel bombs -white powder letters • Pedestrian accidents • Serious violence • Staff lost on excursions • Storms • Suicide • Drought 2.2. Actions required are identified to contain or limit potential emergencies. The following bare examples of potential emergencies Emergencies Description of Emergencies Emergency requiring evacuation An emergency that affects the structure and/or safety of the building, including fire, flood or bomb threats Explosion and bomb alerts An emergency triggered by detection of a suspicious package or a direct threat to the organisation Internal emergencies, including loss of power, loss of water supply, structural collapse Emergencies that can affect key functions within the

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