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Major Works Data Sheet Name_Clare Shafer_ ___
AP Literature Date:_Aug.11th, 2014___________
The numbers in parentheses represent the point values for each requirement. Type your responses. Do not copy/paste which is plagiarism. These sheets will be submitted to
Provide significant details about the author (style, philosophies, criticism) (3)
-Hosseini was born in Afghanistan. He then moved to the U.S. when he was 11. He didn 't return to Afghanistan until he was 38. On the trip he felt like a "tourist in his own country".
-As a child, the author read lots of Persian poetry.
-He feels survivor 's guilt for leaving the country before the Taliban invasion.
-Afghanistan is the topic of
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Throughout the novel, Amir attempts to find redemption after failing to stop his half-brother Amir 's rape.

PLOT summary: (3) Bullet key events. Copy/pasting from a website is a form of plagiarism.
-Amir is the main character. His son 's servant Hassan is Amir 's best friend. However, he is an ethnic minority, a Hazara. There is also some tension because Baba, Amir 's father, seems to favor Hassan.
-Amir enters the annual kite fighting contest in order to earn his father 's love, and wins.
-Hassan goes and chases after the losing kite. Amir goes looking for Hassan and finds him in an Alley being pinned down and raped by Assef and his friends. Amir fails to speak up. He instead runs away.
-After this event Hassan and Amir 's relationship is broken. Amir cannot stand seeing Hassan because he reminds him of his guilt. So Amir plants his father 's watch under Hassan 's pillow. He tells Baba he stole it. However, Hassan admits to it. Ali and Hassan then leave.
-War soon strikes Afghanistan. So Baba and Ali escape to Pakistan. They then leave for America.
-While living in California, Baba and Amir visit a flea market every weekend. At the flea market, Amir notices a girl Soraya. They fall in love. Suddenly, Baba is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. So they have their wedding quickly. After the wedding, Baba dies. Soraya and Amir try but ultimately fail to have children.
-Amir receives a letter from his old
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