Major Works Review Of A Raisin In The Sun By Lorraine Hansberry

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MAJOR WORKS REVIEW GENERAL 1. Title A Raisin in the Sun 2. Author Lorraine Hansberry 3. Date of Original Publication 1958 4. Novel Type Play STRUCTURE 1. Point of View Play; there is direct characterization from the playwright 2. Relationship to Meaning Not available 3. Plot Structure a. Exposition The characters are introduced by Hansberry. It is the 1950’s in a tiny apartment in Southside Chicago. The Younger family has just suffered the loss of Walter’s dad, with a $10,000 inheritance check supposedly to arrive in the near future. Upon hearing about the check, Walter, the protagonist, hopes to be able to take the money to invest in a liquor store. His sister, Beneatha hopes to be able to use it to attend medical school and Mama…show more content…
Mama believes that doing so will leave Walter as a hollow, empty shell. Asagai, one of Beneatha’s lovers, came from Nigeria to propose and asked for her to come back with him. He wants her to pursue her career as a doctor there. This gives Beneatha hope for a better future and allows her to see things somewhat differently. f. Resolution In the end, Walter figures that nothing he does with money can beat the pride and hard dedication that he has put into his family. He tells Linder to leave and the Younger’s move in to their new home. Mama comes back for her plant, which represented lost hope and growth within the family since the beginning. Now, she can officially claim that this is all she has ever wanted in life – for her living conditions to increase and for her family to be happy. g. Other Significant Structural Elements As expositions are meant to come directly at the beginning, it is a little different in A Raisin in the Sun. In the play, the storyline does not really start until the introduction of multiple characters. CHARACTERS 1. Protagonist a. Name and Significance Walter Lee Younger is the protagonist of A Raisin in the Sun. The entire plot line is centered on him, revealing his everyday life and struggles. b. Characteristics and Thematic Significance Walter is Lena’s oldest child and is married to Ruth. As the ambitious man that he is, he still caused everyone in his family lots of trouble. With
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