Major and Leading Cause for Osteoporosis

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It is composed of elastic fibers known as collagen made up of protein material and calcium phosphate crystals in between the collagen fibers that will provide hardness and strength to framework of elastic fibers. This combination of calcium phosphate crystals and collagen fibers provides flexibility and hardness to bone, under stress and strain.
It is composed of living cells some of them among those control the re-modeling of bone where as few of them nourish the bone tissue. Like all other living processes, regeneration of bone also takes place till the individual has life, in this process of remodeling or regeneration of bone old cells of bone are replaced by new cells of bone. Age factor plays an important role in deciding the speed of reformation process. Age factor plays inverse proportionality with bone remodeling. Bone resorption and bone formation takes place. If there is less calcium intake and the body is in need of calcium for other process, bone calcium is absorbed into blood. Also if the formation process does not equal the absorption process of bone, bone mass density gets less, further leading to fractures, deformations, Osteopenia and Osteoporosis of bone. Bone resorption and bone formation takes place by Osteoclasts, and Osteoblasts respectively.
During younger ages, bone formation is speedy to…
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