Make A Change: Vote Essay

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Many people keep complaining about how the government is a complete failure, but if you do your part and vote, you can make a change in the government system. Voting is your opinion on paper that could make a change in America on how a leader runs this country.
Americans should have the ability to vote and voice their opinion but a lot of us do not take advantage of freedom of speech. It is our responsibility as citizens to elect officials that we feel will be honest. These officials need to help make our country better and a safer place. We Americans hope that all individuals will take the opportunity to vote and not just sit back and complain about who is in office. Around voting season, you can only vote one time, so it is very
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Failing to vote is just like your saying that you do not care. When you registering to vote that mean you believe in the candidate you are voting for to make that change. It also means that you believe in your rights to freedom of speech.
By voting tells candidates that they must back up what they promise to do to help make our nation a better place to live. It also allows issues addressed by citizens concerns on different issues in their state and communities. Going to the polls on the day to vote shows a good example for your children, friends, family, and neighbors.
Old people are the most reliable voters for this country. They have the highest percentage of voters of any age group because they know candidates will focus on Social Security and Medicare. However, young people do not like to vote they think it is a waste of time. They are focused on college, social life, and cars, etc. If a lot of young people show up and vote, the politicians will get the message that young people have a voice just as much as the old people. Politicians are going to spend a lot of time on issues that are important to older people, like Social Security, Medicare, retirement, and health care. Younger voters 18-24 year-olds, are very low in numbers when it comes to voting, so it is easier for politicians to pay less attention to the issues that are important to young people. The government is in charge of making important
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