Make Indi The Road Ahead For India 's Development Saga Or Is It Just Another Rhetoric?

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Make in India: the road ahead for India’s Development Saga or is it just another rhetoric?
“Make in India” campaign is an initiative that attracts the industrialists to make India a manufacturing hub that helps to create jobs. India ranks 142nd in the ease of doing business and it is becoming increasingly difficult for both Indian and foreign businessmen to start a business in India. The infrastructure in India is not good enough to attract investors. There is a lack of proper connectivity between the cities in India. The other bottleneck are taxation, Government policies, labor laws, ease of obtaining licenses and land acquisition. India must also compete with its neighbor China as both the nations are seen as growing economies by the outside world.

The ‘Make in India’ campaign is an initiative by Narendra Modi, which was introduced on 2nd October 2014. It was advertised by launching a website and a logo of its own. The campaign lays a foundation for a pro-manufacturing initiative by the new government. With this plan, Prime Minister Modi intends to encourage inclusive growth in the country. The inclusive growth can be attained by exploiting the 3 D’s of the country i.e. Democracy, Demand and Demographic Dividend. Also Modi’s pitch for FDI (First Develop India) would also revive the Indian Economy. Although the initiative of ‘Make in India’ looks ambitious, but whether it really reap the benefits and overcomes the shortcomings of the Indian…

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