Make Money Using the Unclaimed Money Finder's Guide

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Unclaimed money is defined as financial assets, physical or nonphysical, that are being held by the State, because the owner of these assets cannot be located. Billions of dollars, in unclaimed money, are turned over to the state, annually.
By law, companies and institutions are unable to keep another’s financial property, indefinitely. After a reasonable period of time, if the owner of the property cannot be found, these businesses must turn the unclaimed money over to the state.
Sources of Unclaimed Money
• Banks and Financial Institutions o Dormant or closed savings and checking accounts o Contents of safe deposit boxes o Uncashed money orders, traveler’s checks, and cashier’s checks
• Insurance Companies o Policies that have been terminated or matured
• Loan Companies o Overpayments and credits
• Utility Companies o Utility deposits that were not refunded
• Public and Private Pension Proceeds
• Landlords o Unclaimed security deposits
• Retailers o Refunds and uncashed paychecks
• Other Institutions o Portions of estates unpaid to beneficiaries
What Does This Have To Do With You?
While many state governments have programs in place, to return this unclaimed money to its rightful owners, they are grossly understaffed. The State Unclaimed Property Divisions do not have the manpower to update regularly. In some cases, the state does not have the incentive, to make an effort, to find, or to contact…

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