Make Solar Energy More Economical

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Make Solar Energy more Economical The very first solar panel was invented back in the midst of World War 2, in the year 1941 by an American engineer, Russell Ohl. Despite its early start the popularity of solar panels, or the notion of using solar energy, did not get much attention until the late 2000’s. It is due to the lack of attention given to solar panels that they are rather inefficient. For example, we can see that money in our economy is being directed to the established Oil and Gas Industry, rather than exploring the potentials of the Solar Energy Industry. We can see that solar panels currently have a maximum potential of 35% efficiency; however there is a theoretical maximum that exists anywhere between 55% - 60% efficiency. That’s where our team comes into the picture. We want to propose three existing technologies and take a look at how they can increase the efficiency of Solar Energy. One of the major limiting factors is the fact that the solar cell cannot reach high temperatures because it can alter the chemistry of the metals providing the loose electrons therefore lowering the efficiency. However, one technology our group has decided on was the installation of Zeolite pellets. Another limiting factor is the fact that solar panels are stationary and cannot store the electricity they create. To address that problem, we propose to replace traditional vehicle windows with see-through solar panels. Lastly, a huge limiting factor is the fact that the Earth
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