Make Up Advertising: Creating Stereotypes

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Make up ads For as long as history goes back we are told that women have put stuff on their faces to enhance the appearance of themselves. In the time of Queen Elizabeth they would take eggshells and smear it on their face to make themselves look white, they wouldn’t smile because then it would crack. Since then our views have changed they used to want to look as white as possible, now days people want to look as dark as they can get. The view of what people should look like will always be changing and the ads will continue to get better or worse if you will. The ads have this appearance on how every girl should look, and what we need to do to look that way. When watching t.v. we see ads or commercials that tell us what we need to do and how to do it. Makeup industries have came a long way to show us that we need to…show more content…
Even though makeup is used from all ages they are targeted to the younger generations like high schoolers and even worse middle schoolers. They want them to look at their products and think that they themselves could be as “beautiful” as the girls on the commercials. Do we need to change the view of a pretty person? I think that we need to take into consideration the natural beauty and make girls more confident with themselves. Every now and then it is good to put makeup on feel pretty but we need to teach younger generations about the natural beauty they have. There are many different ads out that are trying to make us as humans look at ourselves and change. Anything from makeup to diet pills to liposuction, we are so focused on the material side of life that we don’t think about the real things. Ads are showing all over the world weather through internet, t.v. commercials, radio commercials, or even billboards they are showing us what the ideal human should look like. We focus so much on what we are “supposed” to look like we don’t understand the meaning of true
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