Make Way For Duckling Analysis

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I took a 360 trying to see the entirety of Boston from my position in front of a massive statue of our nation’s first president. The skyline of Boston’s financial district sat behind George Washington’s statue in the Boston Public Garden. This park is the oldest botanical garden in the USA, and it looked it, but not tarnished. Behind the park, the skyscrapers didn’t reflect the light like yesterday because the sun hid behind the numerous gloomy clouds. The buildings seemed taller and newer than the few hardly-cloud-touching buildings in downtown Spokane. On my left was historic Beacon Hill, where my mom, sister, and I had devoured delicious Italian food the night before. My mom grabbed her phone and begged my sister and I to stand closer to the statue for pictures. My mom took pictures until my face felt like it was cramping. Then my sister,…show more content…
The flowers weren’t quite in bloom yet because it was early April, but I could picture how beautiful the path would look lined with colorful flowers. We walked until we saw a crowd of children and families by a small, bronze statue of ducklings following their mother. This sculpture was inspired by Mrs. Mallard from the children’s book, Make Way for Duckling by Robert McClosky. As a child, my mom read my siblings and I this book countless times; it was one of our favorites. The little kids ran around them while their parents, a mix of locals and tourists sipped their coffee, took videos, and chatted. After we took pictures of the ducklings, we continued along the path, and it led us to a blue iron and stone bridge over a lake. This suspension bridge lay over the lake. The lake wasn’t as dirty as the Manito Park pond, but it certainly wasn’t blue. Lauren and I stood on the bridge while my mother walked down the steps to the water-level pathway. She stood taking more pictures while I looked out to see children running around near the
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