Make Yourself: The Progression of Women in Advertising

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“It was we, the people; not we, the white male citizens; nor yet we, the male citizens; but we, the whole people, who formed the Union”. These famous words were spoken by Susan B. Anthony, one of the strongest advocates of female equality in history. The quote is referring to the notion that male superiority is in fact a lie. She states that it was not just males who are responsible for every positive outcome that has happened in the world. Women are a vital part of the successes of the human race. In a world saturated by male dominance, Susan was a bold advocate of female equality and the world has grown from the seed she has helped nurture. Male supremacy has tainted the world throughout history, even in advertisements that promote…show more content…
In the advertisement appears a woman whom we can only see from the waist down. She is holding a pair of leashes while she struts along in high heels, red hosiery, and a black and white polka-dotted top. The leashes are tied to two men that are in front of her. The men are completely naked and they are on their hands and knees crawling in front of her while she controls them with their collars and leashes. The impression is that they are merely her dogs, and nothing in comparison to her. To men, this advertisement can present itself as a bit offensive because of the nature of it demoting men to the status of dogs. It clearly portrays the notion that women are no longer subservient to men. It is so bold as to insinuate that women are so much more powerful than the male gender. In fact, this advertisement received a lot of attention and numerous complaints because of the message it sends. While I don’t support the degradation of males, I find great value in the observation that the world turns upside down when males are not willingly thrown into the shoes of females. When we experience in one advertisement what they have experienced throughout centuries, we start to complain and our tempers begin to flare. This just goes to show that female equality is on the rise, but female dominance would be hypocrisy. In conclusion, the three advertisements analyzed give concrete examples to the progression of women in
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