Make a Wish Foundation

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Fulfilling a Child’s Wish Imagine the joy of finally becoming a parent. All the time, effort and dreams created with each new life. Imagine holding that perfect bundle of joy in your hands and looking into those eyes; seeing all the possibilities and future dreams in that one tiny gift God has given you. Imagine now those same eyes, looking at you from a hospital bed and hearing the doctors tell you that your child, your precious gift, is terminal. At that one moment, how many dreams would come crashing to the ground for both the parents and the child? Those dreams, those precious few moments of remaining life for a terminally ill child, is why the Make-A-Wish foundation was established. The Make-A-Wish foundation was created…show more content…
This means, for every dollar donated to this worthwhile cause, $ .76 of that dollar is directed to filling the dreams of a terminally ill child. As with any worthwhile charity, money is not the only driving force. Volunteers, sometime famous stars, contribute their time and talent to filling the wish of terminally ill children. For example, on January 25, 2011, Make-A-Wish teamed up with the NFL to provide 13 children, from Belgium and 10 U.S. states their lifelong dream of seeing the Super Bowl. Each recipient, and their families, were provided a jam packed weekend that included time at the Dallas World Aquarium, Cowboys Stadium and finally seeing Super Bowl 45 live and in person. Yet dreams like this take more than just money, they take the time and commitment of many people focusing on the same cause. As a matter of fact one volunteer, Cindy Sampson knows all about what Make-A-Wish families face, because she has been there before. In 2006 Make-A-Wish granted a wish for her daughter Lois who suffered from a rare chromosome disorder. Cindy said that having her daughters wish granted was a powerful experience and since then she has happily volunteered her time at the Central and Northern Florida chapter helping to bring other wishes to families in need. This generous foundation makes it possible for parents to relax, if only for a moment, and see their child experience pure joy and happiness. The “ripple effect” of wish granting is
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