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Wake Up and Listen The meaning of life is to find the meaning of life. Is it not? We all go through each day trying to figure out which road out the infinite amount of paths will lead us in a better direction where happiness is prominent and society is flawless. However, not every single human being is going to fit on that narrow, one-lane highway to success. Bad choices, accidents, fate, family matters, society, temptation, anger, rage, addiction, and loss of hope can all be deciding factors in opting to choose that wrong path to self-destruction. The adverse thing is, once you've traveled so far down the road, you get so discouraged that you feel like you can never turn back or make up for the "lost time." The past is there…show more content…
Finally, when I turned thirteen, I got my chance." (MMWH, p. 14) Indeed, Nathan got his chance. Nathan toiled and sweated everyday for the white folks at Sterling Point. It was clear to him after a few minor incidents and observations as to why Dwight and Billy resented working there so much. Watching their father casually accept disrespect from a white woman, who monitored his menial work, and three young white boys, who refused to acknowledge his presence, was enough for all three brothers to rebel against Sterling Point - and every other future job for that matter. Between Sterling Point and Alford J. Mapp, Nate was in over his head with unanswerable questions. Nathan finally got an entire tablespoon full of racism shoved directly down his throat. No one can seriously blame him though; being one of the only black people in an all white school is like police target practice down at the shooting range. Constantly being picked on, called names, and singled out Nathan could no longer collect the enthusiasm to participate in class or mingle with fellow classmates that simply would and could not accept him for who the human being he is. Emotionally wrecked and scarred, Nathan confessed to his mother that he needed out of Alford J. Mapp and into W.E. Waters for sake of his mental stability. It was apparent that in W.E. Waters was where Nate would be accepted and treated like

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