Maketing Position of Yoplait

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In this essay, we will use "Yoplait" yogurt company to discuss what is positioning and how has the company positioned its products? Yogurt is a dairy product produced by bacterial fermentation of milk and is believed to be found in 2000 BC. Dairying is Australia's third largest rural industry nowadays. It is also a major regional employer, not only on-farm but also through processing, manufacturing and distribution of finished products. Yoplait yogurt company is originally a French company and it is now the world's second-ranking brand in ultra-fresh products. Yoplait was launched in Australia and was pioneers of the yogurt market in Australia. In 1995, National Foods Ltd. secured the rights to manufacture and distribute Yoplait fresh…show more content…
As in Australia, consumers become more conscious about health issues, Yoplait Lite has been positioned as a low-fat product in order to capture this opportunity. Yoplait is success in this area as it has more comparative advantages, it not only provide 90% fat-free yogurt, but also a creamy taste with lots of fruit yogurt and has active bacteria cultures for digestive health (Chaosstalker, n.d.). This is called the product differentiation strategy that it can provide superior value to selected target markets (Kotler, et al., 2010). Porter (1980) report that differentiation lets consumers have unique comparison with other brands. The difference create the competitive advantages of distinctive which offer unique functions in more distinctive way.

While Yoplait has Yoplait Lite to take care the customer who want to have yogurt but with more health concern, it still provide full cream option to take care the consumers that doesn't care much about fat, but creamy taste (Yoplait Australia, 2011). In addition, it has another product line call Yoplait Forme, the yogurt with this name have no fat at all, less than 1 % added sugar, and only 83-93 calories per 170g tub, it is position as a snack to help fill consumers up in-between meals without making them fat (Yoplait
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