Makeup And Cosmetics Be Dangerous For Our Environment

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Makeup is BAD Oxybenzone, formaldehyde, triclosan, hydroquinone, parabens and lead. Believe it or not, these chemicals, that most people can’t even pronounce, are in the majority of cosmetics sold today. People all around the world wear cosmetics every day to enhance their natural beauty. From various skincare products to makeup products, there are reasons they use it everyday. Do they know what it really does for them? Skin rashes, faster aging, and cancer are all possible outcomes from these cosmetics, despite what the product claims to say. Makeup and cosmetics are harmful to not only one’s health, but also to our environment. This is because of the chemicals within the products are more harmful than you think. Not only are they bad…show more content…
Since breast tissue is very sensitive to this mistaken estrogen, it tricks the cells and causes breast cell division because more than half of all breast cancer tumors rely on estrogen to function. Now, what are all these strange chemicals that are found in the products? The obvious one being parabens, which are a group of synthetic chemicals. They are used in many cosmetics like any kind of soap or skin care product to act as a chemical preservative to keep bacteria from growing in the product. Parabens aren’t the only chemicals harsh for your body. Another group of chemicals that are widely used in cosmetics is phthalates. They are found in any cosmetic that contains a fragrance. Exposure to this chemical is linked to male reproductive disorders like altered hormone levels ( ). A shocking discovery was when we all found out that the biggest feared chemical that was found in schools, lead, was also found in lipstick. The problem with this is that lead also damaged DNA, cell membranes and affects the brain causing memory and concentration problems ( ). In 1984, it was estimated that parabens alone was in more than 13,000 different cosmetic products ( ). It is unsettling to know that there is an extreme increase in the variety of cosmetics in the world today and 80% of them are potentially harmful to our bodies. Many women from all over the world struggle from low self
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