Makeup, Beauty, Makeup, Disney, And Dreams

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When someone asks me, a teenager, what 3 things I love or interest me I reply with makeup, anything Disney, and dreams. The reason I love all these things is because they all correspond with one another. Disney is where all your dreams come true, makeup is a thing that you put on to make yourself look and feel like a dream. Disney is all about crazy makeup to make people look a certain way for characters such as, villains, heroes, and damsels in distress, for you to remember them, maybe even in your dreams. Makeup is a way to define your features and make you feel more beautiful like the girls in Disney movies.
Makeup only used to be for men and women to enhance their beauty. Now makeup is still used for that very same reason but it’s for themselves, because they aren’t trying to impress anyone but themselves. From 3000 B.C. men wore wigs and makeup to make them more eye catching. All women would use makeup to make themselves prettier and so did men. The egyptians were the first people to create cosmetics. They wore it for special occasions like festivals or celebrations. They also would put themselves at risk because of the things they were putting on there face to make them look more beautiful. Things like: using burnt matches for eyeliner, they would use berries for their lip stains, they would try to make their face paler (because it was deemed more beautiful that way) with leeches, arsenic, mercury and lead (Gardner). They didn’t have to do that though because Disney

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