Makeup Men Stereotypes

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After discussing for a while over what kind of product we could endorse in our advertisement, we decided to try to tackle the stereotype “that makeup on men is unacceptable,” striving for a witty and humorous approach when planning and filming the video. Our video was about a young man who wanted to be more manly. In a way, some viewers could possibly relate to this, so our target audience was all the people who, like Bridie, want to use basic makeup products, like skin perfector, concealer, eyeshadow, and lip gloss, while still looking manly af.

Although makeup is normally classified as a women’s product, in this day and age, there are men that enjoy wearing it anyway, so creating a product that was basically the same thing, just labelled
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- in much the same way that women’s makeup defines or enhances features that are normally stereotyped as feminine. In short, we used the male stereotypes in our favour to create a product - which was originally supposed to break a stereotype - more appealing to our target audience.

Considering our group was made up of only girls, we needed some way of incorporating a manly man into the video. Our solution was to pick one of us to become the manliest of men. For this task, we chose none other than the amazing Bridie. Of course, we couldn’t only include Bridie in the video. And we needed some other talented actors to accompany her, and make the advertisement even more persuasive. Jaimie took on the role of the pretty girl, who wore lots of makeup, and Courtney became the very confident and convincing presenter of manly man makeup.

To find a suitable outfit for Man-Bridie, we observed the habits of the modern manly man and created the perfect ensemble for our primary character. The outfits of the other characters were then much simpler to assemble. Jaimie wore a dress that made her look feminine, and lots of makeup (as Bridie pointed out in the ad). Courtney wore a bright dress so that she stood
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