Makeup Rules

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Many junior high girls at St. Jude dont understand why we have a makeup rule. For as long as I have gone to St. Jude, I have known that there was a rule that girls are not allowed to wear makeup to school. Teachers think that girls will either go way overboard and look like a clown (which might scare the littler kids.) Or they will start to focus on what they look like instead of their education. This is why this rule is in place, but I think the makeup rule should be taken away. When most people think about why girls wear makeup, they usually think that us girls just wear makeup to impress other people. This is wrong, because most girls wear make up for themselves and so they can feel comfortable and good. I agree that there are times where girls will wear makeup to impress a guy or one of their friends. But, that's not the case all the time.…show more content…
Makeup makes girls feel pretty and some actually feel good in there own skin. Makeup really helps girls start to feel comfortable with themselves because they are able to look their best in front of other people. Some might think that makeup makes girls think they aren't pretty so they have to cover it up. I agree this is what some girls do, but it's not like they're trying to impress someone, like i already said, they are doing it for themselves. In conclusion, St.Jude should definitely take away the makeup rule. Like a already said it helps girls feel more comfortable with what they look like, this prepares them for high school where things are different. This is also a really dumb rule because girls break it all the time, so why have it when they are gonna break the rule
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