Making A Band Or Start Writing Music

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When people create a band or start writing music, they want money. In the early 20th century, artists were not receiving the royalties that they should have earned. Enter the first Performing Rights Organization which is also called a PRO that promised what the artist should be earning, money. PROs were fine until the organizations realized how much money they can earn. PROs exist for a reason, but the cost of the license, why they are “non-profit”, and why the artist has to sign with PRO’s that make PROs truly evil. In February 1914, the first PRO in the United States was formed. Music writers came together and The American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers was formed. The ASCAP sought out artists, composers, and publishers to…show more content…
But not all of the artists are under one PRO, so the person must buy a license from each PRO that represents the artist’s music that they would be playing (Public Performance Licenses and Music for Your Small Business). If the person thinks they can get away with not paying, think again. PROs are always in court suing small businesses for copyright infringement. On average, the lawsuit ends up being $700-$30,000 depending on the severity of the infringement. Depending on what license they are applying for, the cost varies. License fees range from $300-$500 and could cost more depending on some variables like if the music would be for a dance studio or for a church (Public Performance Licenses and Music for Your Small Business). A PRO might sound like a good thing, right? But you’re wrong because the PROs goal is to make a profit for the company. An organization’s job is to make money, and then they pay taxes on the revenue they receive. If an organization says they are non-profit, they usually do not have to pay taxes on the revenue they earn. PROs like ASCAP and BMI say they are non-profit, which means more profit for the artist, right? Wrong (Why You Should Think Twice Before Joining ASCAP, BMI or SESAC). Members of the ASCAP earn 86.5 cent for every dollar that the ASCAP earns. But isn’t the other 13.5 cents profit? But PROs do that for one specific reason, to trap artist. The

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