Making A Bespoke Solution, Commercial Of The Shelf Solution

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Many IT departments face the dilemma whether to purchase into a bespoke solution, commercial of the shelf solution (COTS) or open sourcing , when sourcing new software, in the competitive market. The chosen option should be one which meets the business and system requirements, as well as; understand the architectural requirements, the current skill set of the development team, existing solutions, advances in technology and understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each solution before a decision is made, which are all part of the six step process recommended by The business requirement needs to be supported by the result. To obtain the key business requirements, the right people within the business must be…show more content…
It is imperative to consider the architectural desires for a project. Identifying the industry standards and requirements will help determine if a solution is worth developing within the company or outsourcing either through bespoke design or off shelf, this is to reduce the cost of operation and maintenance. Some architectural factors that may restrict the solution could be, the security strategy, technology communications, existing systems which will interact with the new solution, the structure (frameworks such as J2EE or .NET) , servers, browsers and Operating systems. When designing and deciding the desires of this app , because this is a new capability for the company, there will no interfaces or servers which the app will have to interact with as everything will need to be developed because the app is a new capability. The bespoke solution and means that these desires should be already known and aligned with the industry standard because it is being developed in house with the guidance from skilled people. The COTS solution is the least likely to be aligned out of all three solutions, this is due to the fact that it has been designed with general based on basic common functionality and so it will unable to be compatible with all servers and operating systems. Open source, although it may not be

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