Making A Business Decision For Any Ceo Essay

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Making a business decision for any CEO is easy, the main principle is to keep the shareholders happy by generating more revenue. The more money a company earns the more attractive it looks to the potential investor. Now, from history, we have learned that every CEO is "not" created equal and some use bad business practices to earn more revenue. So, laws were created to set guidelines, companies started to use risk assessment to see if a decision would lead to any legal recourse that would make them a liability, or put them in fault. Not until I took this class did I not realize that there is no one law for every decision that must be made in a business. Thus, the need for ethical decision making. Ethics is described as a normative, because is rely on our reasoning of how we should act. How we think we should act is heavily influenced by our morals and personal integrity. Norms are normal behaviors but what may be normal or what my values are may be different from yours. Therefore, in business, it is important to create good ethical values as set standards. Not only does this create personal responsibly but also aware of social responsibly. This way if someone had to make a decision because they understand the values their reasoning should be ethical. Reasoning can be practical which deals with what we should do and theoretical dealing with what we believe we should do.
Making decisions can be hard, so there is an ethical decision-making process you can follow. We may

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