Making A Business, Purchasing The Facility And Obtaining And Maintaining A Customer Base

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Barriers to Entry
There are currently very few barriers to entry aside from the legal aspects of forming a business, purchasing the facility and obtaining and maintaining a customer base. We have a solid marketing plan in place to assist us in obtaining a customer base, and are seeing an investor to fund our purchase of the facility.

Future Completion
Future completion naturally includes any up cropping photographers with studios that enter the business after us, and non-studio photographers entering the niche of pet photography and offering their services to the public.

Strategic Position and Risk Assessment
As Pictures for Paws, our primary objective is to provide quality pet photography services at an affordable price for pet lovers
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In addition to this advantage, the facility will afford us the perk of being able to schedule photography sessions year around, regardless of weather.
In our facility we will provide various toys and encouraging treats for animals, backdrops and props, and well as comfortable seating for our clients as they wait.

Risk Assessment
The major risks associated with a startup business are 1.) obtaining a customer base in a previously developed area, 2.) staying ahead of the technological curve and 3.) maintaining acquired customer base. Moreover, to these three major risks, funding will need to be acquired prior to opening for the renting of the studio and partial purchase of the various equipment.

Definition of Strategic Position
Our strategic position over our competitors is our fundamental ability to provide year-round photography sessions regardless of weather or season in our sanitary photography studio. This puts us firmly ahead of the competition, which is primarily made up of on-site photographers. Our previous experience with photography will set us ahead of start up photographers, and our facility will provide a base for expanding our services to traveling photography and on-site photography in the future.

Marketing Plan and Sales Strategy

Company’s Message
Our message to customers is that we have a passion for pets and care about the quality of their experience. We work hard to provide a comfortable, sanitary studio to which
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