Making A Business, Purchasing The Facility And Obtaining And Maintaining A Customer Base

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Barriers to Entry
There are currently very few barriers to entry aside from the legal aspects of forming a business, purchasing the facility and obtaining and maintaining a customer base. We have a solid marketing plan in place to assist us in obtaining a customer base, and are seeing an investor to fund our purchase of the facility.

Future Completion
Future completion naturally includes any up cropping photographers with studios that enter the business after us, and non-studio photographers entering the niche of pet photography and offering their services to the public.

Strategic Position and Risk Assessment
As Pictures for Paws, our primary objective is to provide quality pet photography services at an affordable price for pet lovers living in the San Francisco, California area.

Company Strengths
We pride ourselves on the following qualities: Commitment to customer service and satisfaction
Flexible Scheduling
Latest technology
Number one goal being quality photographs

We strive to provide a peaceful, happy and memorable place for families to come with their animals and leave with memories in hand. We provide superior customer service, quality photographs, affordable prices, and limitless memories for the years to come.

Market and Industry Opportunities
The greatest opportunity Pictures for Paws has is the ability to provide clients with a facility to bring their pets to. Most of our competition are purely on-site photographers and leave the industry wide open…
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